Complete Workflow

Planning, Coordinating & Monitoring of Bandobust.


Vibrant Gujarat - 2015
5000 men - 4 days
SP, Gandhinagar

The software and services from Srisaa Labs has helped personnel perform Bandobust Planning for Vibrant Gujarat better. Support for Gujarati Language is a definite plus.

Medaram Jathara - 2012 & 2014
8000 men - 5 days - 1Cr+ Crowd
SP, Warangal Rural, Telangana

I have utilized the Bandobust Software from Srisaa Labs for Medaram Jathara. I found it to have reduced errors and increased efficiency of man-management during the event.

Ganesh Immersion - 2013
15000 men - 13 days
Addl. CP, Hyderabad

I am over all satisfied with the way the software has helped us. I also appreciate the Srisaa Team for their efforts and hard-work. I would recommend the software to other units. I will use the software for our future needs.

Parkhal Assembly Election
SP, Warangal Rural, Telangana

The software has helped us quickly deploy the personnel to the right location. It also helped us the Monitor and Track the progress. The unique feature of SMS communication helped us be in touch wit all personnel.

Bandobust Scheme

A complete sceme of the Bandobust including different components, sectors and personnel requirement can be planned out in detail.

Multiple Event Types

Different templates are provided for different vent types like Festivals, Procession, Elections and VVIP Visits.

Integrated Sourcing

Officers can select personnel directly from Unit Roster and allocate for the Bandobust, avoiding cumbersome excel-emailing.

Documents & Reports

Shortfall Reports, Allocation Reports, Personnel Reports, Scheme Documents and more...

SMS Communication

SMS Messaging is integrated into the System for Duty Tickets and Priority Messages during Bandobust

Force Allocation

Personnel can be allocated Manually ( Pick & Choose) or Automatically (System Driven). Providing Flexibility and Efficiency.

Duty Tickets & Nominal Rolls

Duty Tickets (for Personnel) and Nominal Rolls (for Sector Incharges) can be generated and printed.

Geographical Mapping

A Geo Mapped view of the Scheme and different components helps officers to reach and respond to eventualities efficiently.

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