WattsRx - Saving upto 60% on Energy Consumption

Cost-Reducing Intelligent Wireless Lighting Control & Energy Management Solution

Energy & Cost Saving Strategies

Occupancy Sensing

Turn off or Dim Lights when area not in use.


Turn off or Dim lights at Set Time of Day

Task Tuning

Tailor optimum light as per occupant needs

Daylight Harvesting

Control Lights based on ambient levels

Individual Control

Individual Control in their personal areas.

Demand Response

Automatic control in peak demand hours.

Master Control

Master Control of all non-emergency lights.

Fine Tuning

Analyze historical data to optimize utilization


A Hardware Store Chain
California, USA

Our experience with our Martinez store resulted in a 30% Kwh savings. Not including reduction on Air conditioning. We are now going to do this for our other stores.

An IT Services Company
Hyderabad, India

The WattzRx solution has given us upto 41% saving in the Electricity utilization for the Lighting in our office.

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